After living in Napa Valley and learning about wine scores, I realized it was all bullshit.

Some guy arbitrarily gave standards for wine then somehow managed to get everyone else to care about his score.

If anything, he is a marketing genius.

And maybe a little narcissistic. But I’m not a psychologist.

To be fair, yes, there are certain qualities in wine that make some better than others. However, most of it is based on his palate.

And then I learned the scores at BevMo have their own rater. Who has his own palate. And his own opinions.

It’s as if he is a completely different person altogether.

So when you see that little 95 points next to a wine, its by some random dude.

To be fair, he is not random to people in the know. But for me – a wine drinker who has no shame picking up the $3.99 bottle of Green Fin at Trader Joes, and confidently serves it at dinner parties – this BevMo guy is simple another random guy.

Since random guys are making their own rating systems, I decided I would too.

But then I quickly realized writing about the intricacies of wine with little to no wine knowledge was incredibly difficult. And personally, not fun for me.

So I decided to turn it into a booze travel ratings system. I give each place I visit a random kitty rating with no meaning whatsoever.

I do have one rule when writing these reviews:

The One And Only Rule

I will never give negative reviews. There’s already so much negativity out in the internet. If there’s a place I don’t like, I simply won’t write about it.

I may, however, try and convey sarcasm.  I will try my best to express it without sounding snarky.

But sometimes it may read snarky.

Just know it’s not snarky because now you know my one and only rule:

No Negative Reviews

If there is a place you would like me to review – please send me a message!