Tequila New Years

I’m not a big fan of tequila.

Not since Cinco De Mayo 2006 at Chico State.

I had gotten in the spirit of the holiday, among my fellow white-college friends, and Jose Cuervo’d my day up!

I vaguely remember some guy telling me he was Nick Lachey’s cousin.

Which drunk me was really impressed by.

The next thing I remember is waking up next to my bestie in my car.

(For the record I was never a fan of 98 Degrees. It was the poor mans N’Sync.)

She was not Jose-ing it up like me. And by the good grace of God, she saved me from making out with the supposed cousin of B-listed star.

Oh youth.

Needless to say, I haven’t really enjoyed tequila since.

Which is why spending New Year’s eve at a swanky Mexican Restaurant was the perfect way to avoid spending my first day of 2019 with a hangover.

Gran Electrica Restaurant is slightly off the beaten path of Main Street Napa (city of Napa. Not Napa Valley. Two very different references).

I had been there twice before and loved its vibe. The place feels as if it’s too cool for me. But in a good way.

The decor utilizes wallpaper in a way my non-designer brain can’t comprehend. It has specialty made, day of the dead, black and white, Napa themed wallpaper.

Doesn’t make sense? I know! But somehow it works.

Because New Year’s Eve me wasn’t responsible in taking a photo, I snagged a pic from their website’s gallery.

wall paper

Super fun right?!

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to spend New Year’s Eve there was because they always have a legit playlist. Either the manager or the owner is a DJ (and please don’t quote me on that, I may have made that up). Regardless, the tunes are always good.

I figured if they are that good on an average day, they must be even better on a party night.

Also, they were having a PJ party.

New Year's Eve Party at Gran Electrica Napa

I’m lazy and hate heels. So this was a perfect option for me to ring in the New Year.

As soon as we walked in, there was an ice sculpture for shots. I’m sure it has a name, but I’m 32 and feel like I’m too old to know what the technical terms for shot-related devices are.

Anyways, I bet you can guess what the shots offered were…


And Mezcal.

For the record, the Mezcal was more of my jam. While the Tequila almost immediately brought back to 2006.

New Year’s is about moving forward. Not back.

So Mezcal it was!

The tickets covered open bar and gratuity. I have to give the bar tenders credit here, they never once made me feel like an inconvenience. I didn’t bring cash, so there were no extra cash tips on my end.

The party wasn’t packed, so I felt like my little group and I got plenty of attention and our $120 worth of booze (that was the price of the ticket).

The DJ also did not disappoint. With an eclectic mix on the speakers, my friend danced with her dragon tail on her onsie. I got a high kick in with my boston terrier leggings. And the fellas bounced to the beat with their unintentional, junk-protruding pajama pants.


We only took one dance break, so we could grab a glass of Cava and begin the countdown for 2019. Which happened to start in descending order from the number “7”.

And I’m almost positive started at 12:01am.

Perfect way to start the New Year: relaxed AF and fashionably late.

Then suddenly a bunch of feathers were thrown on the dance floor. I’m sure this was more about the PJ aspect of the party and not the NYE aspect.

Either-way, throwing feathers around without worrying about cleaning them up, is definitely a must-do in your adult life.

Please Note: Unless your dino-friend stuffs two-handfuls of feathers in your shirt and you get them stuck in your sports bra, you’re looking at a mess-free play date. Otherwise you can expect this:


Despite not really having a hangover, I still used “drinking the night before” as an excuse to shamelessly eat baked brie in bed.


Starting 2019 off strong!

Even though you may have missed the PJ party NYE, you can still enjoy the cool-vibe, tunes, and tequila (and awesome Mexican food not mentioned in this post) of Gran Electrica in Napa seven days a week. Or if you’re on the East Coast, you can check out their Brooklyn location.

Thanks to Gran Electrica’s Pajama Themed party, I was able to ring in the New Years super comfy and with good tunes. I rate Gran Electrica a sleepy kitty complete with a sleep mask and bottle of tequila.

sleepy kitty with sleep mask

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