Sonoma Glamping

Not having a vacation for nearly eight months required an overnight splurge.

I know I know – first world problems.

But I am so happy we took a local getaway, because in less that 24 hours I felt rejuvenated and ready to get back to the grind. (And little hungover but that’s neither here nor there.)

The boyfriend and I escaped to a little ranch in neighboring town Sonoma called Westerbeke Ranch.

The ranch is normally rented out for larger corporate groups. But they have four tents in the back of the property for solo travelers and romance seekers looking to get it on among nature and corporate parties.

Glamping in wine country
Heated mattress pads for chilly nights
Sonoma country glamping
Chic little chairs for sitting while your S.O. changes into a bathing suit

When I booked our tent I didnt know what to expect. The photos looked nice enough, but how relaxed can you really feel when there is a larger group with you?

The answer my friends is very relaxed.

When we walked on the property my first thought was, “the photos online do not do it justice!”

It was such a beautiful and large property. Everyone spoke in soft voices and a light breeze filled the background noise.

Even though we were just a mile and a half away from the main road, it felt as if we had escaped civilization altogether.

The club house area was a mix of Adobe architecture and Scandinavian decor. The design helped give a chill-relaxed vibe.

While the honor system beer and wine fridge helped calm residual anxieties from being the only couple among a large corporate group.

Sonoma romantic getaways

Non-tourist Sonoma getaway

Wine and beer in Sonoma getaway
Honor bar filled with “Trader Joe’s priced” booze

We immediately put on our suits and went to the pool area. We started out with a game of ping pong and sparkling wine before we made our way to the non- heated pool.

Me trying to be natural for a photo – I’m totally not flexing my stomach
Ping pong and glamping in wine country
View from the ping pong tables

I’m usually not a fan of non-heated pools, because I like to be borderline uncomfortably-warm.

But it was such a nice day that the water temp was not an issue. And they have a semi- private hot tub we could warm up when the pool got chilly.

Hot tub in sonoma
Entryway to the hot tub
Boyfriend chilling in the hot tub

There were lights all over the property. So when the sun went down it was equally picturesque in the dark.

Camping in style in Sonoma
Club house at night

We ended our evening mildly-innappropriately drunk while drinking wine under a full-moon and Sonoma stars.

We were at Westerbeke Ranch for no more than 18 hours. But by the end of our stay, I felt more relaxed than I had in months.

This glamping experience gets a relaxed kitty.

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