A Pleasant Brewery Surprise Outside of Fresno

I don’t know much about Fresno. I did, however, know a girl who attended Fresno State.

She transferred to San Diego by her junior year.

So, when I accompanied my boyfriend to his metal show in Fresno, I had very little expectations.

My boyfriend plays bass in metal bands. Ironically this is the same instrument I gave all my guy friends shit for playing in high school.

Glacier Eater Metal Band
Boyfriend playing bass in Fresno Show with Glacier Eater

Most of them already had that stupid-male adolescent ego.

Despite their lack of jaw lines.

When this ego combined with playing an instrument, it made them even more cocky.

And most of them could only strum a cord or two.

This would be the equivalent of me calling myself a model in high school, because my friend in photography class took black and white photos of me in a field wearing a prom dress.

Me back in my modeling days in 2003

Anyways, my boyfriend is a super talented musician that taught me bass players are people and have feelings too. So to all my bass player friends from back in the day, I’m sorry I talked shit.

Even if you only knew two cords.

Fresno is a solid three hour drive from Napa. And not the prettiest three hours.

So to break up the views of yellow grass, highways, and the occassional cow, we stopped by a random brewery in a small town called Ceres.

I had never heard of Ceres prior to our journey, but I am so happy Google guided us to this little town that was home to Blaker Brewery. 

Breweries in Fresno

Like most millennial-era craft-breweries, this one is in a business park off the beaten path. You’re not going to accidentally stumble upon it walking on Main Street.

Fresno California breweriesbest small town breweries

When we ordered our beer at the register, we told the cashier about our plan for the day.

As if she cared.

And to her credit, she played along.

We told her we were driving from Napa to Fresno and needed a break from driving through the California country.

She politely smiled and handed us our beers.

We then walked outside to their kick-ass patio.

I added my boyfriend in the photo so it looked like I was taking a picture of him instead of a patio

Best outdoor patios in fresno

The patio cleverly hides the asphalt, business-park views with its portable, pallet-like wood benches with high backs.

Of course I forgot which beers we were drinking on this clever patio, but I do know they were non-IPAs.

I’m pretty sure mine was a delicious blonde while my boyfriend had an equally delicious ale.

blondes and ales in fresno

As we sat outside discussing this killer brewery find, the girl from behind the register approached us with Blaker Brewing Stickers.

Because who doesn’t love stickers?!

She had a huge smile and thanked us for coming in. This whole time I just thought she was pretending to be interested in our day trip, but she actually WAS interested.

Her name was Bia.

Not Mia.

It’s short for Bianca.

Not Mianca.

She had a cool work-appropriate punk rock style with a non-punk attitude. She was incredibly friendly and took a few minutes to learn more about us as well as hype up the brewery.

Which totally worked.

If there is one thing I look for in a business, it’s employees stoked about the company and passionate about the product. And Bia (not Mia) checked off both of those requirements from my list.

Bia said farewell and welcomed us back anytime. My boyfriend and I finished our brews and hesitantly left.

That was of course after we considered a second beer.

Blaker Brewery was a solid find and totally worth our two-hour plus drive. I highly recommend stopping by if you are on your own three hour road trip or want to pop-over from Fresno.

I give Blaker Brewery a bass-player kitty. Because if it wasn’t for my boyfriends band, Glacier Eater, committing to a Fresno show, we would have never found this brewhouse gem. 

ceres breweris


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