The Never Ending Road Trip

So I started writing about my Thanksgiving road trip at least three major holidays ago (Valentines, New Years, and Christmas).

This road trip was a total of five days. Maybe even six days.

Who the hell knows! It was so damn long ago.

I liked the idea of writing about our Napa to Bend trip, but quite frankly, I lost interest in it.

Well, because I’ve been procrastinating on this and have experienced so many good places since, I’ve decided to medley this shit. (Yes I googled the spelling of medley. My version had an “i”.)

Ignore any typos or grammatical errors moving forward in this post – I’m sprinting this race!

The fourth of July Fireworks Finale of Road Trip blogs has begun!

Ashland Oregon

Ashland was supposed to be the answer to all my California problems. I had hopes and dreams of falling in love with this little town.

Cheaper rent than California.

It’s own little wine culture.

Not Portland.

But it didn’t happen. I didn’t fall in love. And now Portland still remains one of the top three cities I want to move to and locals there are not going to be happy if that happens.

Even if they, themselves, are transplants from New York.

They came first.

They have dibs.

To be fair, I just stayed in a shitty motel with thin walls in Ashland, so I didn’t experience the culture of Ashland. (Great customer service at that shitty motel though.)

Stop Two Oregon

I forgot what the second city was that we had visited. The purpose was to meet up with my boyfriend’s wine mentor, Chris. Chris taught my boyfriend everything he knows. And because of him, I now have my own personal winemaker.

Thank you Chris.

But before we met up with Chris, we went to a brewery called Ram.

The only reason I remember the name of the brewery is because I’m an Aries, and Aries are rams.

Clearly I’m self-absorbed and only interested in things related to me.

That and the place had a shit ton of ram decorations.

Oregon Brewery Road trip

A little too on the nose if you ask me. But appreciated (again, Aries).

It is one of those places that look corporate but isn’t corporate.

Large interior.

Well decorated.

Laminated menus.

Ram gets a Ram Kitty.


After we went to Ram, we met up with Chris and tasted his library of wines. Take my word for it. All amazing!

Once the winery officially opens, I’ll update ya’ll on the location.

Until then, you’re SOL.

Bend Oregon

Our last stop was Bend. Not because that was our original itinerary, but because when we asked people in “Second Stop” where to go, they said Bend.

Three hours away.

Not quite what we meant by “where should we go?”

But we went anyways.


We made it to Bend on Thanksgiving Eve. Our first stop was Atlas. We had 30 minutes before closing, so we had to make our time count.

Atlas is a cider bar with fantastic hipster decor, pinball, and cider. Oh such good cider.

Here’s a picture of me trying to be all instagram-modely despite the alcohol puffiness.

bend oregon bars

For the record, this pic didn’t make the instagram feed.

But this one did!

chill bars in bend oregon

And here’s a picture of me getting caught trying to take a picture for instagram.

Jam cellars Napa valley cheap wine

That photo was not taken at Atlas, but another kick-ass spot called Jam Cellars in Napa Valley.

The sound guy for the band playing that night stopped in the doorway, understandably confused and awkward.

As much as I want to step up my social media game, I’m still uncomfortable with public display of photography.

These are my daily struggles.

I’m in my 30s.

Anyways…back to Bend Oregon and Atlas.

So because we only had 30 minutes at Atlas, we went back the next day.

Thanksgiving Day.

We got there at 2:30pm stoked to be there again.

They closed at 3:00pm.

We had a half hour there.


So we went a third time!

The day after Thanksgiving.

We drank some cider.

Chilled on a couch.

I bought a hat.

Atlas gets a Couch Kitty complete with a hat.

couch kitty

Old St. Francis School

Most everything was closed on Thanksgiving Day. But good ole’ Mcmenamins hotel and restaurant was not.

If you’re not familiar with Mcmenamins, here’s the one sentence low-down:

Old buildings are turned into hotels and bars.

What’s cool about Mcmenamins, is they keep the integrity of the building. So your hotel room could very well be a classroom.

It was like they cleaned up the buildings and thought “let’s not make this stylish”.

Every Mcmenamins has the same faded 1970s color. But in the best of ways.

If it sounds like I’m hating. I’m not. I am a huge fan of Mcmenamins.

We ordered tater tots and chicken pot pie.

Overall, a lot of potato.

I don’t recommend it.

After dinner we went to their speakeasy.

Only those in the know, know where to find it.

Or those who can google.

It’s called the Broom Closet. And it’s disguised as a broom closet.

Here’s a picture of me trying to be modely again with my new hat.

I have since lost the hat.


Old St. Francis School gets a Broom Kitty.


Crater Lake Spirits

In the midst of breweries lies a posh little bar called Crater Lakes.

crater lake bars in bend oregon

We drank tiny martinis and bought Christmas gifts.

Because, you know, it was the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas presents were a relevant topic at the time.

crater lake spirits bend oregon

Even the bathroom is posh.

bend oregon bars best bathroom decor

I have a thing for bathrooms.

Crater Lake Spirits gets a Posh Kitty with a manacle.


Immersion Brewing

Next to Atlas is a fun little brewery called Immersion.

It has the right balance of “your homeboys new brewery” and “feminine touch”.

Immersion brewery has good swag as well.

I didn’t buy any.

Good thing since I already lost the hat from Atlas.

Immersion Brewery gets an even more poorly drawn kitty than Atlas does: Beer Kitty

beer kitty

The Good Drop Wine Shoppe

Last, but certainly not least: THE GOOD DROP WINE SHOPPE.

My boyfriend and I went in to taste, and we somehow ended up crashing a party.

The owner closed up shop with us still inside, and she opened a bottle for her and her friends to try. We just happened to be hanging around.

The selection is unique, and the owner is fucking rad. I can’t think of a better way to describe her.

Super fun.

Down to earth.

Very knowledgeable (about wine at least. she may be knowledgeable about other things, but we didn’t cover other topics).

If you take anything away from this post, it’s that you need to visit this humble store front filled with an impressive wine collection.

I didn’t take photos at The Good Drop Wine Shoppe, so here is a link to the website instead:

The Good Drop Wine Shoppe simply gets the Sleepy Kitty, because this is where we ended our trip.

Asset 2-100

Finally Done!

Well there is it my friends! Finally done with that damn road trip! Yes, my Kitty Drawings were even more half ass than usual.

I don’t apologize for it.

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