Wine tasting and all sorts of feels

Remember the game of Life? Not in the metaphorical sense, but the Hasbro board game?

wine tasting is like the game of life

I always won (little did I realize my winnings would not – in any way – reflect how my actual life’s accomplishments would turn out).

I always ended up with hella money, won a few Nobel Peace Prizes (yes, more than one), got an education that actually helped influence my career, and lived in a log cabin.

I think that’s why I enjoyed the tasting room at Merryvale – it had a log cabin feel.

Merryvale Winery

Full disclosure, I’m a city-vacay chick. Not really into camping (glamping is negotiable), and I only hike when I know the promise of a beer or wine is at the end.

Which is why my only reference for a log cabin is from the board game, Life. So take the comparison of the Merryvale tasting room to that of a log cabin with a grain of salt.

Merryvale’s outdoorsy feel is balanced with hipster lighting and fancy drinkable wine.

Pinkies up isn’t necessary with this collection, but you may inadvertently raise one without realizing it.


The menu offers an excess of good wine. Your taste buds will dance for most -if not all- of the wine.

Narrowing the wines down for highlighting was a difficult task for me; however, I chose these two specifically because I could somewhat decipher my handwriting in my tasting notes.

First one – ’13 Malbec From Cypress Grove

We drank at least four wines prior to tasting the Malbec. And after a few cooler-tempertured (it’s a word) whites, this Malbec felt like a warm comfy blanket on my tongue. Maybe it was the log cabin vibe influencing the way I felt about the wine, but it was cozy.

Second one – ’11 (?) Forward Kid – Seven Varietal Blend

My immediate thought after tasting Forward Kid was fairgrounds. It tasted how a fair smells. And that’s not a bad thing. From fried food to barnyard animals – a fair has an array of smells. The professional tasting notes for this wine stated “pencil shavings”, so I’m not too far off. 

Both of these wines were back home buys. Meaning, we bought them and brought them back home. I know that’s not a saying, and it’s a little deceiving, but let’s try and make it a thing together.


I see it now.

It’s not a good saying.

And it’s an even worse hashtag.

Merryvale tasting was quite the experience. Beside their collection of taste bud dancing wines, each tasting brought me to a little-imaginative place: log cabin, cozy blanket, and fairgrounds.

I give Merryvale wines a cozy blanket kitty and a fair games kitty in a log cabin tasting room. 

Merryvale winery-100

Add Merryvale wines to your Saint Helena wine tasting itinerary.

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