Get Fancy Drunk

I think we can all agree carbonation + wine = fancy drunk.

Well, you can get your fancy drunk at Chandon in Yountville.  With story-book rolling hills and mini bridges over moats, you won’t only drink fancy, but also feel fancy.

Full disclosure – at the time of this writing, the moat was actually the dried up Napa River and not a moat at all.

No reservations necessary at this mini kingdom. If a knight in shining armor appeared on a white horse, no one would question it. They would fit in elegantly with the picturesque green grass view from the window walls of the tasting room.

However, in order to get to the tasting room, you must first successfully pass through a gift shop.

If you can resist the overly-priced pink disco ball travel cups and the basic-white girl graphic tees, you can then reward yourself with the deliciousness of Chandon Sparkling Wine.

There are three sparkling tasting options ranging from quantity to quality. I’ll try not to get too technical here: the better quality wines are aged longer and therefore have more love placed into them, hence why they are deemed higher quality.

Yountville Sparkling Wine Tasting

We went with the ‘medium loved’ Reserve Tasting.

Full disclosure – I made up the ‘medium love’ part. No tasting staff used that phrase. Although, they implied it with their eyes.

The tasting room relies on elements rather than decor for ambiance. Glass walls, glowing bar, and wooden ceiling. No nonsensical artwork found in this tasting room.

Chandon Napa Valley

It reminded me of Fusion Hotel in Prague.

Fusion Hotel is minimalism at its finest. Each room is decorated with a quirky wall graphic and utilizes step stools (or they were easels) as nightstands. No nonsensical artwork on their walls either. 

But this review isn’t about Fusion Hotel in Prague (although I would rate them with a kitty hugging a sloth in honor of our sloth themed room).

Back to Chandon. Our tasting was good. The bubbles weren’t soft, however, they weren’t overly aggressive. A fine balance I can only assume formulated by the amount of love concocted in the cellar.

You can enjoy the bubbles at the bar or drink as you walk around the fairy-tale esque property. And once the tasting is over, if you choose the challenge, you may pass through the gift shop one last time: test your willpower of not succumbing to the purchasing of the dazzling and gaudy wine swag after a good-ole fancy drunk tasting.

I give Chandon a no willpower kitty. Complete with plastic tiara and graphic tee. 

Plan your fancy drunk tasting at Chandon in Yountville here. 

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