No wine – just your standard, recommended, booze-travel post

The Ace Hotel & Swim Club, in Palm Springs, is a magical place of all day pool parties filled with average bodied 30 somethings shamelessly drinking on floaties.

I’ve never had such floaty envy in my life.

Swans for beers.

Majestic unicorns.

Mechanical bulls.

As my boyfriend and I sauntered our way to the deep end of the pool, a giant turtle floaty made it’s way to us.

Like a sign from God…

…saying float on this.

With the turtle we wouldn’t have to tread water in the deep end. We could conserve our much needed drinking energy.

My boyfriend leaped with joy as I held onto his beer – looking as happy as any newly 31-year-old man looks when encountering a giant, air filled, plastic turtle.

We had talked about this scenario the day prior.

How would the conversation go if someone uses someone else’s floaty?

We’re all adults in the pool.

Then it happened.

She came towards us wearing a green-plastic poker visor and red-lensed sunglasses. I don’t know if you’ve seen anyone stomp their way through a pool, but it’s not as effective as on the ground.

I have to give her kudos where kudos is due, she meant business despite the fact she was awkwardly splashing through the water.

The turtle belonged to her friend who was in the midst of her bachelorette party.

Since the turtle was solo, we had no idea. But because we seemed cool, she said we could play with it for five more minutes.

And she used that word “play”, and the time limit “five more minutes.”

The conversation did not disappoint our expectations.

This is just the beginning of the magic of the Ace.

The Ace Hotel has an overall vibe.

Not just décor.

Not just an ambiance.

But a vibe.

I felt an emission through my core. It hit my bones and every muscle fiber. It was as if I traveled back to 1969s Hollywood.

The renovated motel might as well be a time machine.

The pool had bar hours and the diner had five-star-food.

Besides the weekend DJ pool party and the evening bands, there aren’t any other activities at the Ace.

I thought after five days I would get bored.

I overly doubted my laziness.

And what novelty a pool has as an adult.

I never once got bored.

And I doubt you will get bored either.

If you need a quick break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, book a room with Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs. You won’t regret it.

In honor of my time-travel, I give the Ace Hotel & Swim Club a flower child kitty.

Ace Hotel Swim Club
Take a break at Ace Hotel Palm Springs

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