The best wine on Main St.

Hands down Orin Swift wines are my favorite on St. Helena’s Main Street. (Granted they’re the only wines I’ve tasted on Main St.)

Best St. Helena Wines
Some of the best wines off of Main St. in St. Helena.

I know, I’m not much of a reviewer since I say I enjoy every wine. But I have two philosophies in life I just made up and will now live by:

  1. I will not talk negatively about anyone or anything online (except Chardonnay). There’s enough people already doing that.
  2. Make sure you know how to pronounce a word before you confidentially say it six times in a speech.

In a totally unrelated topic, complement is not pronounced “complete + ment”.

Orin Swift wines are consistently good.

Every single one.

orin swift st. helena tasting menu

Even their Chardonnay blend. As much as I am an asshole to this varietal, I must give credit where credit is due; their 2014 blend is well balanced with flavor and texture.

According to my winemaker boyfriend, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the two varietals with the most room for artistic interpretation.

For example, you give a group of people blue paint and a blank canvas with no instruction on what to paint. They just have to paint something.

Some of those people will go all Picasso Blue Period and create depth, texture, shading with their blue paint.

But then there will be that one guy who just draws an outline of a dick.

There’s no real standard.

Since we are on the topic of Pinot Noir, Orin Swift’s Pinot Noir has a style all its own. It’s not Picasso and it’s certainly not a dick outline.

Personally I prefer “sweeter” Pinots  (and I use the term sweet loosely), but just because it’s not necessarily my style, this metaphorical blank canvas and blue paint deserves recognition.

Completely original artwork if you ask me. And I appreciate that.

The Rose (add accent over the “e”) is high alcohol and easily drinkable. Think college freshman party. Strong drinks with a lack of  alcohol flavor.

More commonly known as “dangerous”.

Delicious and literally intoxicating.

Not all the wines at Orin Swift are made with Napa Valley fruit which helps bring down the cost per bottle without losing quality.

Although, their 2014  Papillon Napa Valley Bordeaux Blend (I don’t even know how to grammar that phrase) does not disappoint. Think of any standard “good wine” vocab and you’ve just described the Papillon: bold, robust, complex, intriguing.

Feel free to use any of those words at an upcoming wine tasting. Let me know how many people nod their head in agreement.

If you don’t like a wine, I recommend using the term “safe”. It sounds like you know what you’re talking about because it’s a little condescending without being petty.

Overall, I am impressed with Orin Swift. I wasn’t distracted by some quirky tasting room, or sweet talking tasting room attendant (not that any of those are bad qualities).

The wine spoke for itself.

And it simply said, “I’m good”.

I will add the tasting room had a great décor, and our guy behind the bar was extremely friendly and easy going.

We’re friends now. He just doesn’t know it yet.

I would talk about the overall design of the wine labels, but I’m lazy. So, here are a bunch of  hyperlinks to individual wines instead.

You can go ahead and see for yourself.

The short version of the wine-label designs is as follows:

Think creepy with a little erotica.  The Twilight series has a similar theme.

18 year old girl marries a centuries old blood-sucking monster.


 But kind of hot.

I give Orin Swift a Feral Kitty only because Feral Kitty has the right look for the wine lineup.

If you read my first post, you know I’m a rebel by breaking my own rules.


If you aren’t walking down St. Helena’s Main Street any time soon, then bring a piece of Main Street to you. 

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