Eleven reasons to go wine tasting

Here are eleven reasons to wine taste at Eleven Eleven Winery in Napa.

1. Jordan: Jordan the winery host greeted my boyfriend and I with enthusiasm and grace. He shook our hands in a non-machismo way accompanied with a big smile. His first words to us were, “it’s so nice to meet you!”

I felt like VIP!

His next set of words were, “you’re Andrew and Mary right?”

Womp Womp. Not Andrew or Mary.

However,  I am that person who will take a default win due to a disqualification, have a trophy room full of participation trophies, and will gladly accept Andrew and Mary’s VIP greeting.

2. Atmosphere: Even though we weren’t Andrew or Mary (we fessed up to Jordan), he still let us sit in the swanky VIP looking booth.

VIP Winery booth

It’s the kind of booth you admire from afar in a crowded club, wearing heels a little too high that cause a little too much pain, as you bitterly judge the happy-sitting club goers and their higher-class status of luxury seating.

3. Rose: I still haven’t figured out how to add the accent on the “e”. Nothing a Google search couldn’t fix.

But again, nothing a quick explainer sentence couldn’t fix either.

4. 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon: Somebody took a picture of the menu!

Wine tasting menu

5. 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon: One of my favorite parts of wine tasting are vintage flights. I don’t even know if that’s the right term, but it sounds correct.

We tasted the 2013 and 2014 Cabs from the same vineyard with nearly the exact same wine making process (I think there was a 5% difference of something, but you’ll have to ask Jordan for specifics).

The two wines were distinctly different, and I got to pretend like I knew what I was talking about when I noticed the difference.

6. Color Palette: I took a graphic design class in college. The first week of class we briefly covered the color wheel and complementary colors. So now I act like I’m an expert when I come across a color combination I like.

Eleven Eleven is covered in safe-neutral tones sexified by the speckles of copper and edison bulb lighting.

Sexy Colors

7. Sauvignon Blanc:  We went rogue and had a wine not on the tasting menu, because Jordan makes all his guest feel like VIP.

8. Pinot Noir: Of the 2014 vintage; the year of the horse.

9. Chardonnay: You know how I feel about this varietal in general. But, in case you aren’t a loyal fan and haven’t read my past posts: I think of Chardonnay as the off-brand vanilla ice cream in a freezer burned container. However, I enjoyed Eleven Eleven’s Chardonnay: crisp, cool, and creamy.

Actually, it wasn’t creamy at all. I just needed a third “c” word with ice cream relevance.

10. Vibe: From the outdoor seating, to the bathroom, every inch of the winery was well planned. Nothing too over-designed or cluttered. Add in an amazing host, Jordan, combined with conversational guest (Andrew and Mary showed up and sat next to us), the overall vibe of the winery was chill, cool, and creamy.

Outdoor wine drinking.jpg

11. Kitties: Turns out Eleven Eleven is in the kitty business as well. Jordan helped open Ellas Cat House in Napa. A cat rescue and adoption center.

Fun fact: When I first moved to Napa, I visited Ellas before I visited any Napa winery.

In honor of the eleven reasons to wine taste with Eleven Eleven, I give Eleven Eleven Winery 11 Kitties.

Asset 1

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