Elegance meets quirkiness

It’s my favorite descriptive word: quirky.

As defined by urban dictionary – A quirky person is kind of like Phoebe on Friends.

Used my high school English techniques for that intro.

Hall Winery is hard to miss with their giant platinum-bunny statue off the highway.

Or the bunny could be silver.

Or white gold.

I’m not a geologist.

I had every intention of taking a photo of it. However, I ran out of space in my Samsung galaxy 5 hand-me-down (thanks Bim), and I’m too cheap to pay $15.95 for an SD card.

Just know the bunny is huge and hard to miss.

And shiny.

Extremely shiny.

And surprisingly not a liability next to the highway.

After driving past the shiny bunny for over a year, my boyfriend and I finally visited for a tasting.

As we drove through the Hall Winery gates and entered the estate, a little sign greeted us with a compliment, “you look nice today.”

It was the rare occasion I wore heels, and I appreciated someone noticed.

The property was much larger than I had originally expected. And the building looked like an office building. Slightly disappointed, I felt like I was entering work on a Saturday. Little did I know what I was getting into.

Towards the entrance stood a camel statue with a sign instructing camel rides only available on February 29th on odd years.

A joke I didn’t initially get, but setting the tone for the quirkiness of Hall.

See how I brought my intro back around?

The feel of Hall is modern and chic with a sense of humor. Its tongue and cheek approach to art and wine made me instantly fall in love with the place.

Dry humored signs delivered jokes in what I can only assumed would be with a British accent. Again the lack of phone space  impaired me from taking photos for you. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

When we entered, we were greeted with an adorable lady who had solid bang action going on.  I realize that description can have several meanings. I only hope you know which meaning I’m referring to.

I immediately felt as if I was back in Prague the moment we walked in the tasting room. The Fusion Hotel near Prague’s city center had the same feel. Minimalist, quirky, and dry humor British tone.

The little room I had in my phone enabled me to take a photo of the tasting menu. Because I’m an adult, I have lived and learned. From my last review, I learned to take a photo of the tasting menu first.


I also had enough room to take a photo of my boyfriend looking into this kaleidoscope thingy with my finger in the way.

Finger in view

Who still accidentally takes photos with their index finger blocking the camera?

We started with chardonnay and what can I say, it was chardonnay. Fairly standard, but enjoyable on the beautiful cloudy day. The clouds quickly moved over the mountains or hills, I technically don’t know what they are considered. In my opinion they are hills because they are smaller than Mt. Everest. But again, I’m not a geologist, so there’s no way of knowing.

I got an artsy photo of the chard in the glass, and the gorgeous landscape in the background for you all.

Wine with a view

We moved to 2014 Pinot from their Walt line. We never asked where the Walt brand came from, but I can only assume they made a separate line for their non-Napa valley fruit.

For the record we have not confirmed that to be fact, so please do not relay the information.

The 2014 Pinot was followed by another 2014 Pinot.

Off menu.

No big deal.

Same varietal. Same vintage. Different vineyards.

They both shared the same initial impact and impression, but had their own unique nuances. Like identical twins with different birth marks. So similar, yet you can tell them apart.

Our host Celeste was short. I feel as if this is an important detail. When Celeste said “it’s my favorite” about the off-menu Pinot, it was exceptionally cuter when she looked up at my boyfriend to say it.

Each wine Celeste poured had a story. The Jack’s Masterpiece featured an original painting from then 2 year-old Jack. (10 points if you can guess who Jack is).

Bergfeld Cabernet is 100% made from the grapes in their vineyard.

Hall wine tasting room.jpg

Hall was so much more than a winery. It was an experience. With quirky art pieces, a beautiful landscape, short-enthusiastic Celeste, and of course, good wine.

Here’s a picture of me looking tough with red lipstick, a hot winemaker boyfriend, and the gorgeous Hall property in the background.

Red lips looking fly

Not pictured: my turquoise heels.

Hall winery, I give you six art kitties.

Doodle art cats.png

Visit Hall Winery.

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